The Story Of Breakthrough Nations

The key message he believes the Lord has put on his heart to share with the people in Thailand is that the new covenant is the foundation of the Kingdom of God and the new wine skin that the Holy Spirit is poured into.
In addition, Rob feels the Lord has shown him how revival is the fire to reformation. As a result, Rob also teaches local pastors how to breakthrough religion and move by the Holy Spirit so they can bring reformation to their villages.

In February of 2018, Rob was scheduled to meet with a local pastor and members of his church in an insurance office. Little did Rob know that he would be teaching for hours that day! What started as a meeting of 8 people in an insurance office grew to 25 people over the next seven days.
Rob has a passion to travel to cities throughout Thailand to release the Kingdom of Heaven so that men, women and children can experience freedom in each area of their lives.
Rob ministers at a church on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.
Following this series of meetings, the pastor from the local church in Chiang Rai invited Rob to minister in his church, which resulted in 28 consecutive days of revival meetings where God moved powerfully. That’s when Rob knew he needed to establish a School of Supernatural Ministry in Chiang Rai.